How to stop procrastinate


We all well known the procrastination. Sometimes we waste our time and store role up. And if it’s too late we panic. The obsessively procrastinate people spend a lot of time in their life with this mental status. If you want to change this bad habit check out these ideas.

  1. Apportion your bigger tasks for some smaller

We are procrastinating because we feel that our job repress our life. The first step is apportion our bigger tasks for smaller. If we are procrastinating after the apportion we have to segment smaller. Some weeks later we feel more simple the tasks so we realise that why we can do now?


  1. Change your environment

Different objects different effects to you and your efficiency.  Look at your desk, and your room. If you look at these thing how do you feel yourself? Do you want to work or relax?

If you answered the second one, you have to change your environment. The things which inspire you some times later lost that effect. This is the time when you have to select your object. If you do that you feel more better, and your productivity comes back.


  1. Make a particular time-table

If you work with one time-table, the procrastinate seduce you. That is because we feel we have lot of time to do our work. Apportion your work for smaller and write a time-table for each of them.


  1. Stop the little pause at your work

Turn up your browser, make bookmarks for the major websites. Throw off the disturbing factors. Be conscious! Of course you have to relax so for 2 hours you go to break for 10-15 minutes.


So how you stop procrastinate? Feel free to share with us in comment!


Have a wonderful day!



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  1. I’m quite bad at procrastinating. I really need to do a huge declutter in my house as it’s annoying me having so much stuff but I keep finding other (unimportant) things to do instead. Breaking up big jobs into smaller tasks is a good idea & would probably work

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